Istanbul Child and Adolescent Pyschotanalytic Psychotherapy Association


Istanbul Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association is a full member of European Federation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (EFPP) and our training is based on EFPP criteria.

The following requirements must be met in order to apply for the training; 

  • Having completed undergraduate or postgraduate education in one of the fields of mental health (psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, psychiatry).
  • At least 2 years of clinical experience
  • Having completed at least one year of psychoanalytic therapy/psychoanalysis with an IPA approved psychoanalyst for 2 or 3 times per week and continuing after starting the training

Applicants who meet these requirements may apply by e-mail to, indicating their professional background and motivation for the training. The training committee calls the applicants for an interview before a decision is made as to whether they have been accepted.


Requirements for supervision are;

  • Continuing the personal analysis/psychoanalytic therapy
  • Completing the first year in the training
  • The candidate member who has fulfilled that two requirements should inform the training committee for each case supervision about the opted supervisor, child’s age, number of weekly sessions, the date of commencement of supervision and wait for the approval of the training committee.
  • The supervisor of the candidate member should also inform the training committee at the beginning of the supervision
  • The supervisor must be a member of EFPP or an IPA analyst and have at least ten years of experience with the age group worked.


Requirements for completing ICAPPA Training;

  • Having completed the 4-year seminars within the ICAPPA by providing 80% attendance (60-120 hours small group clinical seminars and 300 hours psychoanalytic theory, psychopathology, development seminars)
  • Having completed the infant observation (2 years)
  • Having completed their group supervision, which lasts 60-120 hours and made at least 3-6 presentations during this stage.
  • Having completed their individual supervision in 3 different age groups (oedipal-latency-adolescence) with 120-160 hours of total supervision time, 400-480 hours of total working time (with a frequency of 2-3 per week) altogether. These requirements make it necessary to work with a supervisor approved by EFPP for 1 year for 2 cases and for 2 years for one case.

The candidate who completes these steps applies to the committee by e-mail with the information about the seminars and supervisions he / she receives. In addition, the candidate’s supervisors are expected to send information to the committee by e-mail containing their opinions on the supervisory process.

If the applicant is considered to have completed those requirements by the training committee is invited for a final meeting. In this interview, the candidate is expected to present one of the supervision cases.

These conditions apply for applications made after 2021 :